Mommy, can I paint the same fox on my T-shirt that I drew at the art school?’ – this question to my mom is my first memory about the thought of having my own brand. I was about 7 years old and it was an unforgettable sign. A sign about being creative later on. About being unique, scattering ideas and staying enthusiastic.

Then I studied arts, crafts, techniques, styles, searched for my own style. I’ve noticed motivating and inspiring forces around myself: huge and tiny things, too. Inspired and inspires me today as well the Nature, a smile, a glance, a mug of hot chocolate, when you see your own breath in freezing temperatures or the hailstones swimming on the surface of the Danube in my beloved homeland. All these things, people around and observation of myself lead me to my main profile that is characterized by aquarelle and watercolour motifs. Not much later I’ve met design digitally and started to mix it with hand-painted items.

I’ve created ForestillDesign – my own brand that includes my whole artistic work. During this process many of my paintings were transformed into clothing, accessories, book illustrations and wall paintings as well.

I believe that these beautiful and unique things affect positively our daily lives. All pieces of my collections are implemented by enthusiasm that is improved by the help of a precise team.

I still do design, draw, illustrate and paint. Anytime, anywhere. It is an honour to me you read these paragraphs, let me thank you from my heart and feel yourself enterely invited to my ForestillDesign World 🙂